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View 3D TV, without glasses, today!

Did you ever want to watch the latest movie or ball game with flawless, immersive 3D images on your 2D LCD screen without using 3D glasses? I sure do! All the time!!

I even suggested to a semicon company recently, which is providing HD media processor SoCs, to highlight a solution, which will allow the man in the street to pick up the DVD of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1, insert it into the player, and enjoy the movie on his TV in 3D! All of it, without wearing 3D glasses!

Sounds quite far fetched, isn’t it?

3D TV viewing possible on 2D TV, today!

See the future of 3D TV, with the naked eye, today, says 3DFusion!

See the future of 3D TV, with the naked eye, today, says 3DFusion!

Well, I believe, Stephen Blumenthal, president of 3DFusion, surprised everyone at the Paul Kagan 3D Market Media Conference at Waldorf Astoria Hotel on October 27 last month, when he, along with his partner Ilya Sorokin, invited the audience to visit the 3DFusion business suite, located upstairs in the Waldorf, to experience the picture perfect 3DFMax glasses free 3D ASD, and see a real time, live 3D stereo camera capture display!

Steve was  kind enough to share his landmark speech with me, as well. First up, many congrats to Steve and 3DFusion!

His opening line itsef is very interesting: “This is a historic day for me, as I started out as a TV repair man from Ithaca NY, and now today, we are introducing for the first time, a 3DTV, glasses free Broadcast Quality, Perfect Picture television platform, one destined I believe to replace 2D TV.”

“We are here to introduce a 3D technological advancement, which marries the classical 3D left/ right stereo pair, with a Math augmented, Depth Meta Data (DMD) approach. The addition of DMD to the stereo pair, results in an interactivityy giving the operator mastery over the 3D image. For the first time we can demonstrate an on the fly, real time, intervention with the 3D video signal path.

“What we have is a methodology of video signal integration with PC driven algorithms that support an ability to control signal parameters, which determine depth visuals on a variety of Auto Stereoscopic Displays. The 3DFMax DMD Algorithm approach mines the stereo depth information and converts it to META data which is inserted as the right field of the frame, replacing the right view, as a gray scale mapping.

“This data is auto converted by our Firmware, on the fly into 9 Multiviews as the key to the pixel per pixel orientation for the lenticular lens or lenticule, thereby controlling the depth cues. One 3DFmax video frame is composed of the left field as a full resolution view, with the Right field operating as a lightweight DMD map which may be re-rendered in real time, visible on the 3DFMax ASD screen, thereby providing instant correction and adjustment to the images depth visual cues.

He further said: “This is not your grand pa’s 3D, it is the beginning of 3D’s disruptive impact on all 2D video imaging technologies. To support this end, our 3DFMax ASD solution is Agnostic and is designed for Universal applications, as both our IP hardware and software are broad based, and are adaptable to solving a wide variety of ASD problems.”

3DFusion has re-invented the DMD approach, and filed IP based on an algorithmic manipulation of the Depth Meta Data, which it has branded under the, “ 3DFMax” trademark.

Blumenthal continued: “Most of the 3D pundits agree that if 3DTV is ever to replace 2D, as a mass market, consumer electronics item it must be glasses free, address and solve all of the competitive features available of 2d, and be a seamless replacement for the Television industries production and distribution infrastructure.

“3DFusion was formed to address this task. And I am proud to say, that as the inventors the of the 3DFMax, image optimization technology, Ilya and I, with a great team of artist and engineers, as of last week, have in fact, completed this task.

“3DFusion is here today to introduce to you, a 3DTV glasses free, Broadcast Quality Standard, perfect picture, 3D technological advancement of significant industry and market impact, which is not years away.”

The company is looking for investors and strategic partners to make this technology available for widespread vertical market applications.

I have contacted Steve and hope to speak directly with him. Should I do, you will hear it all, right here!

  1. Lyla
    November 26, 2010 at 7:34 am

    Some great info here. You have been publishing some interesting posts recently!

  2. Tim Majumdar
    November 26, 2010 at 7:36 am

    Comment via LinkedIn:

    We do not yet know when real 3D TV will come to iPAD class of devices. We spend too much R&D for entertainment, when really 3D TV with augmented reality is best used by medical doctors and surgeons. They are the ones who can make the greatest difference using 3D.

    • November 26, 2010 at 7:56 am

      I believe work is going on to develop applications and address 3D TV like usage for handhelds. Like every other technology, its time will surely come.

  3. Kalberg
    December 7, 2010 at 2:52 am

    Mind-blowing article bro. This kind of is just a enormously nicely structured piece of writing, just the awesome info I was looking regarding. I praise you!

  4. December 13, 2010 at 7:15 am

    Thanks Theo and Kalberg. Would appreciate comments on the article content as well. 🙂 And yes, I try to keep things as authentic as possible!

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