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Women power, RVCE rule at first annual Karnataka VLSI and embedded systems awards

RVCE, E&C, the winners!

RVCE, E&C, the winners!

It is always a pleasure to witness women power in technology! More especially, in India!! To my pleasant surprise, and am sure, of many others present, women power was aplenty at the first annual Karnataka VLSI and Embedded Systems Awards distribution ceremony held today at the RV-VLSI Design Center, Bangalore.

First, the winners! Congratulations to each one of them on their achievement!

VLSI category
Winner: Suraj H, Vinay R, Vinaya Ajjampura and Vasudev Pai M, RVCE, E&C.
Title: Design and verification of 16-bit pipelined microcontroller.

Runner-up: Deepika, Deepthi MN, Divya V Nayak, RVCE, Telecom — an all-women team!
Title: Design and verification of stand-alone DMA controller.

Embedded category
Winner: Praseed Chandriki, Prashant Bhat, Anup Reddy, Manoranjan S, RVCE, E&C.
Title: Implementtion of media transport in VoIP and performance analysis through measurement of QoS.

Runner-up: Ashwini HV, Sayak Bhowmick, Shruthi BR, Shruti S. Rao, Global Academy of Technology, E&C.
Title: DARAM driver for VoIP router.

It was announced that Mentor Graphics, along with STMicroelectronics, will be sponsoring next year’s awards.

Dignitaries at the first annual Karnataka VLSI and embedded systems awards.

Dignitaries at the first annual Karnataka VLSI and embedded systems awards.

This year’s contest was initiated by RV-VLSI in close association with VTU, and sponsored by Mentor Graphics. Dr. Walden C. Rhines, CEO and chairman, Mentor Graphics, graced the occassion. Dr. V.S. Acharya, the Honorable minister for Higher Education, Planning and Statistics, Government of Karnataka, who could not make it to the event owing to pressing official work, had his message read out.

Other digitaries present on the occasion included Hanns Windele, VP Mentor Graphics (Europe & India), Ian Burgess, Higher Education Program, Mentor Graphics, CV Hayagriv, Trustee, Rashtreeya Sikshana Samiti Trust, and chairman, governing council, RV-VLSI Design Center, AVS Murthy, honarary secretary, Rashtreeya Sikshana Samiti Trust, and Dr. MK Panduranga Setty, president, Rashtreeya Sikshana Samiti Trust (RSST).

RV-VLSI can tape-out multi-billion transistor chip today!
Venkatesh Prasad, CEO, RV-VLSI Design Center, said it was his interaction with a visionary like Dr. MK Panduranga Setty, and the support of the board of trustees of RSST that made it easy for him to transition out of the industry and start RV-VLSI. The vision of RV-VLSI is to create a steady stream of well trained professionals with a low TTP (time to be productive). To achieve a low TTP, it had to do things different from a traditional academic institution.

That differentiation started with the name, RV-VLSI Design Center itself, rather than RVDI. Next, the institute procured a Sun data center to meets its complex needs. Next, it gained access to foundry technology from Tower Semiconductor and EDA software from Mentor Graphics. Prasad added, ‘RV-VLSI has the infrastructure to design and tape-out a multi-billion transistor chip today.”

He continued: “A well thought through courseware with a good mix of concept labs, mini projects and major project, we believe, fills the void that exists in the academia today. Since our courses are designed by our faculty with work experience, stress is more on design concepts in ASIC and FPGA.”

More winners at the RV-VLSI design contest!

More winners at the RV-VLSI design contest!

RV-VLSI has grown steadily from six students in a batch to 48 students per batch. It starts a new PG Diploma program every quarter. It has also earned the trust of over 50 VLSI companies for placements. Forty (40) percent of the students are from south and west India, another 40 percent from all parts of Karnataka and 20 percent from north and central India.

Prasad highlighted that RV-VLSI will work closely with VTU and device a model to scale their activities throughtout the state.

RV-VLSI currently offers two full-time programs in ASIC and embedded design, and many short module programs for working professionals. It is working with the progressive maangements of various institutes to device various programs.  Starting this year, it is going to reach out to more colleges and work with them to develop expertise in-house to execute  VLSI projects.

Need for semicon firms to work with educational institutes
In his message, Dr. Acharya said that he’d like to see more semiconductor companies come forward and work with the educational institutions, and promote healthy industry-academia faculty and student interactions. Such activities will help the semiconductor industry as well as India.

According to him, VLSI and embedded systems are two specializations that have gained lot of traction in India lately. As a result of various government initiatives and policies, about 80 percent of all cutting-edge VLSI design activity happens in Bangalore.

Dr. Wally Rhines flanked by Dr. Setty and Venkatesh Prasad.

Dr. Wally Rhines flanked by Dr. Setty and Venkatesh Prasad.

“What is expected by the industry today is not just manpower in terms of numbers, but also skilled workforce that can meet the international standards and be productive in the shortest time,” he added: “The need is to adapt advanced training methodologies to compliment the traditional theoretical classroom teaching and provide hands-on training to our future engineers.”

Complimenting RV-VLSI, he said: “I wish that many such activities are undertaken by the collaboration of industry, academia and centers such as RV-VLSI to make this advanced technology reachable to every student across the state.”

RV-VLSI Design Center also felicitated Dr. Wally Rhines and Hanns Windele. Great to see Dr. Rhines in his ‘Indian’ outfit! 😉

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