Renesas Mobile inaugurates R&D centre in Bangalore

Renesas Mobile Corp., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Renesas Electronics Corp., announced the inauguration of its research and development (R&D) centre in Bangalore, India which develops 2G, 3G and 4G modem technologies.

(L-R): Heikki Tenhunen, senior VP, Alan Frederiksen, MD, Renesas Mobile India,  Shinichi Yoshioka, senior executive VP and COO, and Jean-Marie Rolland, CTO and executive VP, Sales and Marketing.

(L-R): Heikki Tenhunen, senior VP, Alan Frederiksen, MD, Renesas Mobile India, Shinichi Yoshioka, senior executive VP and COO, and Jean-Marie Rolland, CTO and executive VP, Sales and Marketing.

Renesas Mobile was established on December 1, 2010 as a 100 percent subsidiary company of Renesas Electronics. As part of the Renesas group, it has the support of the world’s largest embedded microcontroller player in the semiconductor world. Renesas Mobile focuses on platforms for smart phones, feature phones, car infotainment and embedded connected devices enabling people to stay connected in the cloud computing era.

The company integrates the former Mobile Multimedia Business Unit of Renesas with the former Nokia Wireless Modem Business Unit. The Nokia Wireless Modem Business Unit has been acquired by Renesas Electronics as announced on July 1st, 2010.

Introducing Renesas Mobile Corp., Heikki Tenhunen, senior VP, said that Renesas Mobile offers advanced and innovative products and services for mobile phones, car infotainment solutions, consumer electronics and industrial applications.

The company’s mission is to develop, productize and deliver advanced triple- and dual-mode communication centric semicon chipsets and platforms based on chipsets to provide innovative solutions and drive mew oppurtunities for customers. Renesas Mobile aims to be a world leader in mobile platforms by evolving its proven modem, application processor and SoCs, and associated services via its global business channel.

The Renesas-Nokia combine has since gone on to make unrivalled connected experiences a reality — by way of powerful multi-tasking, rich multimedia, newly emerging technologies — such as cloud computing, 3D, augmented reality, etc., PC like Internet experience, smaller form factor and longer battery life, and remain always connected!

Renesas’ mobile expertise includes the following:
* Excellent device experience, supporting over 400 mobile handsets to date;
* Key components verified at ‘system‘ level quality for platform release;
* Complete reference design easy to start application development;
* Market proven multimedia software package and multiple OpenOS integration support;
* Competitive SoC implementation performance; over 470 mn transistors in mobile LSI (G4);
* Leading-edge process (45nm, 28nm, 22nm) balancing own fab and partners (TSMC, etc.).

Renesas Mobile’s target market segments within connected devices include car infotainment and connected cars, mobile phones, digital CE, and PC/convergence. It offers application processors, integrated communications processors, modem chipsets and slim modem platforms, as well as mobile platforms. Competitive advantages and capabilities include wireless system design and integration, multimedia, low power SoC design, computing, RF subsystem, wireless modem, semicon technologies, research and standardization.

Alan Frederiksen, MD, Renesas Mobile India Pvt Ltd, said that Renesas Mobile’s R&D Center was established on 1st Dec. 2010, based on Nokia’s Wireless Modem Unit, which has had operations in Bangalore since 2006. This continues the leading-edge wireless modem technology development in Renesas Mobile with the world-class technology and team acquired from Nokia.

Today, Renesas Mobile announced the inauguration and expansion into attractive office space located centrally in Koramangala, Bangalore. The presence in Bangalore is a key strategic intent, because of the following reasons:
* World-class R&D team with major contributions to RMC R&D.
* Great availability of engineering talent for future opportunities.
* Availability of network of companies and partners in various areas.
* University programs – maintain and expand University relations.

Renesas on Indian market
So, what is Renesas Mobile’s understanding of the Indian market? According to Frederiksen, mobile phone penetration is currently around 67 percent (April ’11), but there is still a long way to go. Also, broadband penetration is very low and the recent BWA licences should have huge impact. A recent Trak_In (31/7/10) report stated that:
* For every 10 percent increase in the mobile penetration, rate the growth rate is expected to be 1.2 percent-points higher.
* At a threshold of 25 percent mobile penetration, there is a significant impact on the economic growth of the state. As of March 2010, all of the Indian states had wireless penetration above 25 percent.

This isn’t all! The handset market is mostly 2G in India, but 3G is said to be picking up, and LTE TDD plans are actively being promoted in India. Renesas Mobile is well positioned to offer OEM’s products that offers roaming and interoperability across all systems addressing India’s growing needs.

As for Renesas Mobile’s India focus, the activities cover the entire life cycle of modem development — from participation in 3GPP standardization to costumer support, as well as focus on 3GPP cellular standards. There is complete ownership of 2G. There are also key responsibilities in 3G/3.5G and LTE protocol development, including TD-SCDMA and TD-LTE. Besides, there is focus on OS adaptation as well — focus is on Android OS adaptation to the modem. Wireless modem is said to be at the heart of the cloud computing terminals.

RMI was established 1st December 2010 as core R&D centre in Renesas Mobile Corp. with world-class technology and team acquired from Nokia. The headcount is approximately 230 plus, with over 60 fulltime subcontractors. Over the next five years, Renesas expects to invest $115 million in the India site.

The objective is to become a leading edge hardware and software technology development for Renesas Mobile within 2G, 3G and LTE, including variants TD-SCDMA and TD-LTE. Renesas Mobile India is a core part of implementing this vision.

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